The Khloe K blonde craze!

It has taken Khloe K 2 years to get to this colour from brunette. It didn’t happen over night. This picture is the most popular pic of all time for client requests at the moment, because spring/summer is approaching and we want to be blonde!


If that is your plan its definitely time to get the process started, because often with colour build up to work through and the process can be a long one that takes time and patience. Its not EVER something that should be attempted at home, trying to save money in the short term may cost you way more in the long term when a professional needs to correct your home bleach job!

This spring/summer the techniques are low maintenance. Once your desired lightness is achieved the trend is much more natural, beachy blondes rather than traditional foiled highlights of the past. Rather than 6-8 weekly appointments you can stretch your salon visits further, with tonal top ups in between. Balayage has replaced foils for our most requested service and clients are favouring lived in, rooty, freehand colour over back to back neat, uniform foils.(Khloe has a combination of the foils and balayage).

A consultation should always be done before an appointment and strand tests carried out if necessary, so there are no surprises during your appointment. During a consultation your eye colour and skin tone should be looked at so that you can find the most complimentary tones for your newly blonde hair. You should be shown pictures not only of your end result but of any in between stages you may go through on your colour journey, so you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

Blonde hair does require more attention when it comes to home care. When you are removing natural pigment from the hair, you will undoubtedly also remove some of its natural moisture and lipids so this has to be compensated for. Light hair needs extra nourishment so be prepared to invest in good, SALON QUALITY shampoo, conditioners and treatments. Tresemme isn’t going to cut it here. (See previous post on homecare). Ask for Olaplex, the best product to hit the market in years. Investing a bit more will make your journey to blonde faster and keep your hair in tip top condition along the way. Your stylist should recommend a home care regime during your consultation.

Happy blonding!!