Working with hair hero Patrick Cameron

Patrick Cameron is THE MAN when it’s comes to updos. He’s been at the top of his game for over 20years. When I first qualified as a hairdresser (13 years ago) my boss at the time sent me on one of his courses in London and I have followed his work ever since. He is the most amazing presenter and even if your not into hair up you can’t help but listen and watch his shows.
So… Last week I was lucky enough in my role as a Wella Brand Educator to work with him up in Glasgow. We coloured his demo models hair and I presented the colour work on stage with the man himself. He was great fun to work with, one of the nicest down the earth hairdressers I’ve ever met at that level!
A fantastic experience all round, and I get to do it all again next week in Oxford

Make up

Make up

imageMy colleague Lisa, Patrick and I


The models

Bye bye ombré!! New trend alert

Ombre hair colour has got to be one of the most requested techniques for the last few years. Some got it right but many got it very wrong (mainly due to the dreaded box colours!) Thankfully 2015 welcomes a new more natural trend which goes by the name of Ecaille… (French for tortoise shell). A fusion of brunette shades, similar to the varying shades of brown of a tortoise. The look is more natural and darker than we’ve seen over the last few years.

Think a darker, glossier version of your natural colour with slightly lighter warmer tones worked through. A sophisticated, grown up ombre. The difference in colours should only vary by a shade or two and usually be applied using a balayage technique rather than traditional foils.

As always your colour should be matched to your skin tone so for warm skin tones the richer the better, shades of brown sugar, fudge and butternut work well together.

Cooler skin tones work best with hues of espresso, bitter chocolate, almond beige and biscuit blonde.

Im excited to take some of my clients to the dark side!!

Christy x