Why aftercare is key

I have never been a good sales person. When I worked in London, I was charging a lot of money for colour. My clients average bill was over £100 so I always felt awful trying to sell retail products that would bump up the bill even more, even though I knew it would benefit their hair I just couldn’t do it! Contrary to popular belief us hairdressers don’t make much money from selling clients shampoo. The usual retail commission rate is 10% so we make £1.50 on a £15 shampoo. Its not that much is it? For all the time and effort it takes to explain the benefits to a client I honestly could not be bothered for £1.50. So I let them carry on telling me how good Herbal Essences is, and cried inside because essentially I was wasting my time. No matter how skilled I am the majority of supermarket shampoos are working against me. Let me tell you why…..

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is overused. BUT in the case it is true and below are just a few reasons….

1 Ingredients. One of the main reasons professional products cost more is the quality of the ingredients. Silicone for example is an ingredient widely contained in both commercial and professional products, but there are many different kinds. Cheap silicones are not water soluble and form a coating on your hair, making your hair feel smooth and look shiny. This is especially true after using a cheap conditioner. It doesn’t penetrate the surface of the hair though so its not working to repair damage inside the hair its just fools you into thinking that because it feels smooth . Over time you get a build up (as its not water soluble) and your hair will become brittle.

2. Research. A few years ago I worked for a product company whilst they did a big relaunch of their care line. The chemists in America had managed to replicate the DNA of human hair and bottle it. It took them 10 years of research and development and to this day I have not found a better product (its Joico btw). I only recommend these products to my clients. Do you honestly think that much research goes into Treseme that costs £2 a litre?

3. Sulphates. The cleansing agents in a shampoo are called sulphates. Cheap ones will strip the dirt from your hair, along with the natural oils and the hair colour you paid to have put in! The sulphates in professional products are much milder and kinder to your hair. Its like washing your face with a cheap soap vs a nice moisturising facewash. Which makes your skin feel better??

I could go on but I think you get where i’m going …and please take note!

Christy x